Get noticed online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating a website for your business is the first step toward a positive interaction with your potential customers, but with hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet, how do you ensure customers find you?  Bringing your website to the top of search engine results is a product of enhanced search engine optimization, or SEO.  Our SEO team at Intelligent Evolution will help you understand the concept of SEO and utilize this concept to maximize your business’s visibility on the web, resulting in higher traffic, more customers, and better brand recognition.

When designing your website, account for SEO from the very beginning.

Search engines employ a complicated set of steps called algorithms to determine if a website matches a person’s online search.  Ideally, website design should take into account these algorithms from the very beginning of the design process.   Keywords and phrases, content, as well as on-page and off-page factors all play a role in the success level of a business’s website.  The team at Intelligent Evolution takes all of these algorithm factors into account and uses search engine optimization to harness the attention of prospective customers to give your business the exposure it needs.

Strategize with on-page and off-page factors.

As the owner of your site, you have control over the on-page factors of your website.  Our team develops high traffic, professional websites with elevated SEO that brings customers and business leads to you.  The website itself is full of on-page factors and we fully utilize those on-page factors to distinguish your business from your competitors.

Off-page factors are factors that are not in direct control of the content owner (you), but with our knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we can tackle those off-page factors and get them working for you.   SEM includes advertising on the search engines through purchased ads.  These advertisements will appear on the search page whenever relevant keywords are searched.  Intelligent Evolution can also help business owners create and maintain high-level SEM activities by providing suitable content for the website, as well as blogs, which ultimately improve visibility.

We guide our clients through every step of Search Engine Optimization.

The SEO process is a multi-step process, but the team at Intelligent Evolution is well-versed at taking clients through the process as quickly and easily as possible.  SEO development steps include:

  • Discover,
  • Define,
  • Execute,
  • Deliver,
  • Measure, and
  • Refine

Our expert team begins search engine optimization by assessing what the client currently offers then analyzing the current and target markets, the competition, the customer base, and the intended results.  Client participation during this phase is at its highest as this beginning stage sets up success for the entire process.

Following the discover phase, we work with clients to define the project’s objectives and complete benchmark analysis to use as a comparison point after SEO improvements have been made.  The execute and deliver phases are where our feet hit the pavement, so to speak, and our team delivers on the predetermined goals and objectives. Following implementation and full customer satisfaction, the longest phase of the cycle begins: maintenance, measurement, and refinement.

As the internet evolves, so will your website.

The search engine industry is constantly evolving, making it imperative to keep pace with the changes and keep your content fresh and relevant.  We work with clients over time to update, enhance, and maintain the relevance of their websites so your website and business can stand the test of time, while keeping both online traffic and business leads high.

Contact us to improve your online presence and generate customer leads.

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