Search Engine Optimized Content For Your Website

Part of having a high-performing website is investing in search engine optimized content on each page. Will you know how to align your message with your brand? Do you want to localize your content to the area where you operate, or do you want to attract a larger audience?

Writing high-quality content for your website takes effort, research, and expertise. You are not going to want to trust this to an AI tool or someone without fluency in American English.

Our Content Development Process

Content development starts with learning more about your goals for your website and your business or association. Do you want to drive traffic, are you looking for credibility, or both?

Once we know more about your goals, we can move on to researching topics and interviewing you about what you know the most about, your business or organization. Then, we get to work developing content rich with keywords to share what you do, your history, your mission, testimonials, and why people should choose to work with you.

We also add optimized titles, one or more levels of subheads, bullet points, and images as necessary to make the content easier to navigate and understand. Each page of content will have an internal linking strategy to draw visitors deeper into the website along with links to reputable sources.

Lastly, your content will have a strong call to action, which is a fancy way of saying that you’ll ask visitors to do something at the end. It could be to contact your business to set up a meeting, join a list to receive emails, follow you on social media, or purchase a product or service. Of course, we build in time for clients to review each piece of content before it is published.

Keep Your Blog Going With A Content Partner

Content development can be as simple as writing new pages for a website, but with the right partner, you might consider how else you could use content on your website. You can publish articles to educate and inform on your website’s blog, for example. Then, you can share those articles on your social media channels and via email with your customers and invite conversations and sales.

Talk To Us About Your Content Needs

If the prospect of publishing new content seems daunting, let Intelligent Evolution, Inc., match you with an experienced writer who can develop original content that you will love. Call us at ( 703) 370-7433 or set up a meeting with us for a complimentary consultation.

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