E-Mail Marketing And Tools For Small Businesses And Associations

Marketing your small business, association, or nonprofit does not require expensive tools. Whether you are getting started or ready to elevate your marketing efforts, Intelligent Evolution, Inc.’s digital savvy team can help you set up a comprehensive digital and email marketing program to help you succeed.

How We Help You Choose The Best Website Hosting

With so many features, professional templates, and best-in-class delivery rates, Constant Contact’s email marketing capabilities will help your small business or association grow. They also offer advanced features such as subject line A/B testing, automation templates, surveys, audience segmenting, and an AI content generator. Integrations into many of the top software suites are available, too, to make it simple to integrate their marketing tools into your existing workflow.

Constant Contact Features

Constant Contact started out as an email marketing solution in 1995. Their mission was to level the playing field for small businesses. They have since expanded and offer a robust digital marketing solution with everything a small business, association, or nonprofit needs to make lasting connections with customers, members, and supporters.

They Offer The Following Features:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • SMS marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Event marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Automation
  • Analytics

Their full suite of digital marketing tools will help you capture leads, share updates, and drive traffic to your website.

Let Us Be Your Constant Contact Solution Provider

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, we’ve got the expertise to help you create online marketing campaigns and lead generation to reach your target audience through email, social media, (SMS) text, web and mobile. Give us a call at ( 703) 370-7433 to see how we can help you convert prospects into customers, and click the button* below to start a 60-day, risk-free free trial.

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