Boost Your Results on Search Engines with SEO and SEM

Websites are most successful when search engines can find them. There are a variety of strategies you can build-in to your website to increase the chances that your page will be easy to find when someone is searching for you.

The two most common are the following:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO often means that you have optimized your content using keywords and phrases and are providing helpful information. Web pages are ranked organically – meaning you don’t pay Google to get ranked – based on a search engine’s unique algorithm. You can’t game the system by adding a list of keywords on each page. Search engines, like Google, rank content that is helpful, authentic, and on point. Other technical strategies can also help.

Local businesses want to use a specialized SEO strategy that is heavy on localizing your content, so it ranks organically in the areas you are working for your business or organization’s name along with keywords centered around the products or services your provide. Learn more.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid strategy like advertising. It is also called pay-per-click (PPC) and is where you bid on specific keywords that show up when visitors enter keywords in the geographic areas you select. You only pay when search engine visitors click the link of your advertisement and are directed to your page. This can be a good strategy to drive leads to your business, especially when your organic traffic is building. Learn more.

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