Attraction Marketing 101: 6 Reasons Why Content is Critical

So, you’ve heard of attraction marketing. You aren’t entirely sure of what this is, but if it’s marketing that attracts people, then it’s perfect! Attraction marketing is essentially the opposite of traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, we told people what to do. For instance, “Buy Now” or “Get One Today” are traditional marketing phrases. With attraction marketing, however, we use rich content to attract people. Here are 6 reasons why content is critical to your attraction marketing campaign:

1. Educational

Content is critical for your website because, as part of your attraction marketing campaign, it gives readers something they didn’t have before: knowledge. Many of your website’s visitors read your content because they need an answer. Providing them with information lends to the cause, and sometimes, these readers will stick around.

2. Entertaining

Readers like to be engaged. Content is, or should be, entertaining. You don’t have to make them laugh, but make an appeal that they can’t resist.

3. Boosts SEO

Content is critical for your website because it boosts SEO. Content should be routinely added to enhance your SEO strategies. Rich content will include your best keywords naturally throughout its text.

4. Includes Internal Links

Great content includes internal links to guide readers along to other portions of your website. However, it’s not recommended to include more than 2 internal links in each blog post or article.

5. Offers External Links

Content is critical because it also offers external links to credible sources. Reference articles, blog posts, news stories, etc., through your content and you could be rewarded with a few SEO benefits. Just as with internal links, you shouldn’t stuff external links into your content. Just use them naturally for best results!

6. Heightens Credibility

Content increases credibility and reputation. Content includes blog posts, articles, infographics, and pictures, and all of these things are needed to boost your credibility. People see these things and know that you are the real deal. Search engines, also, take consistent, rich content as a sign of credibility.

As you can see, good content is necessary for your website’s success. When it comes to attraction marketing, rich content is really the only answer. Whether you are creating this content on your own or working with a third party, you should be including rich content on a regular basis in your website. Content should always be at the core of your business, and if you keep an eye on helping others with great information as opposed to selling to them, you will be rewarded with conversions. Consumers of today are savvier than ever, and they want the best information available. This is the essence of why content is so critical to your website!