6 Keys to a Traffic-Driving CPA Website

If you are an accountant, CPA, or other financial or tax specialist, creating the perfect website is critical to your company’s success. People are more frequently using the web to find local accounting professionals, and you online presence can make or break your chances of tapping into online traffic. Your goal should be to harness web traffic by creating a highly engaging website that brings in many, many views! Read on for 6 keys to a traffic-driving CPA website:

  1. Great Domain Name

Your CPA website should have a domain name that people will easily recall. Also, use a domain name that includes keywords. Your city or county name, for example, could be implemented in your domain name to bring in local leads.

  1. About Us Page

The ‘About Us’ page should never be skipped over! For starters, SEO demands an ‘About Us’ page. Secondly, this page gives potential clients a snapshot of your background, philosophy, career, etc. People come to your website to learn about a few things, and knowing your credo is one of them.

  1. Blog

A regularly updated blog should be included on your CPA website. A blog is a great way to share industry news, as well as the latest happenings at your company. You can even announce news about your latest services. Perhaps most importantly, you should add new content on a regular basis to maintain and attract viewership and boost SEO.

  1. Services

A full list of your current services should be displayed on an independent page of your website. Then, each service should be listed on its own page. On this page, discuss the services advantages in-depth.

  1. Free Quote

On your CPA website, you might choose to list pricing for select services. However, you can offer clients an easy way to get pricing information by offering a free quote on your website. Visitors simply enter information about themselves and their desired project, and then you can either e-mail or call them with the quote and additional information.

  1. Testimonials

Your CPA website will benefit from the inclusion of testimonials. Gather written, online, or verbal testimonials from your clients. Then, create a page on your CPA website just for testimonials. Here, you can list each testimonial along with the name of your client. This is an excellent strategy for building credibility!

Of course, your entire page should be SEO friendly. Without a search engine friendly interface, your website won’t rank high enough in search engine rankings to be seen by your audience. Use keywords and unique, consistent content to get your website high in search engine rankings! Including strategic pages and keywords into your CPA website will yield a highly ranking, trusted website, and this will bring fresh clients straight to you!