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Need a Voice Over for Your Phone System

Many of our clients have asked if we can provide Voice Over recording for the phone system. Now we do provide this voice over services for our clients.  So make sure your clients hear a nice crisp and professional recording when they call you.

We will record the following for you and insert them into your Jive Phone System account:

  • Auto Attendant
  • After Hours Auto Attendant
  • General Mailbox
  • Employee Recordings
  • Office closed
  • Holiday recordings
  • On Hold Recordings Promoting (including music)

All you have to do is provide us with your finalized script.  Don’t have one don’t worry we can take care of that for you too.  Below please find some tips for preparing your script.

Why should you have a voice over done professionally…

Reason #1 – Recording Equipment

Having the right equipment is crucial.  State of the art recording studio and equipment to produce a professional and clear sound without background noise from your office.

Reason #2 – Hire a professional

Yes, you can do your own recording, but do you really want your own voice or you employees voice on the recording?  A professional voice makes your potiental clients impressed. Believe it or not, your phone system is one of your biggest marketing tools.

Reason #3 – Do you really have the time?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have the right equipment and software, this recording can take you hours. As a small business owner do you really have that amount of time?  Why not spend at a networking event, getting a new client?.

Plan your script…

Deciding on how your phone system is  going to handle your call is important.  Draw this out before writing this out.

Give the caller ability to opt out…

If you decide you’re not going to have a live person answering the phone, then give them the ability to opt out of the menu. This empowers the caller and my keep from abandoning a call if you have lenghtly auto attendant with a bunch of options.

 Practice reading your script…

Make sure you practice reading your script out load.  Record yourself using your mobile device.  Once your ready record your self using the equipment your planing to use.  Make sure you don’t have any type of background noise.

Need A Phone System

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