5 Compelling Reasons to Have a Website Today

 Launching a business is a hectic, challenging, rewarding time, and marketing, advertising, and branding are at the top of your list of to-do’s. Many businesses are opting to just set up a Facebook page and forego the complexities of establishing a formal website. We agree that social media is an integral part of successful digital marketing, but we are here to tell you that social media alone won’t cut it. You need a website at the core of your digital marketing efforts, and here are 5 compelling reasons why:


Search engines will pick up on your Facebook page, this is true. On the other hand, no one knows what algorithms are going to look for tomorrow. Traditionally, algorithms have shifted to premium content resources, and your website is the perfect SEO platform for the search engine algorithms of today and tomorrow.


Search engines and consumers alike are looking for credible sources. Not everyone will take a Facebook page seriously. Anyone can make a Facebook page, after all. A website establishes credibility that your business is real and professional.


On your website, you can host a blog. We highly recommend this form of content marketing! Using your website as the basis of your blog, you can take those articles and publish them all over social media. The links come back to your website, where visitors can read more while checking out your products and services.


Again, a website offers so much more in the way of content. SEO opportunities are rich when it comes to website pages. From your homepage to your ‘About Us’ page, you can implement keywords to snag top spots in SEO. Then, you have the chance to instill quality content that will keep your visitors coming back.


Do a quick search for your competitors. These are people in your niche, and they don’t necessarily have to be in your area. Do they have something in common? The most successful of your competitors have websites. It’s not because they had money when they started out. They have money now because they established a website early on!

Setting up a website might not be the first thing on your checklist, but in our opinion, it should be. There are numerous DIY website builders out there, but if you don’t feel so sure about taking that route, then get a quote from a professional. Not only should you establish a website, but you should establish a highly professional one that shows your company in its very best light!