Getting the best out of social media

With the recent breakthrough in technology, the social media platform is fast gaining fame. The fact communication is two-way makes it a very convenient and interesting mode of interaction. The advancement in the social media has its own benefits. The social media is becoming one of the most popular ways of marketing businesses. It is a great marketing strategy as the users have the chance to air their views and feedbacks regarding the services and products that are offered by the business being marketed. We at Intelligent Evolution know this and we can carefully exploit it and make it work towards the favor of any business.

Social Media and SEO

The social media is known to be very essential in search engine optimization. Using social media right will aid in increasing your search rankings. Understanding how the whole idea works may be quite challenging, depending on how you look at it.

This is why at Intelligent Evolution we offer you well-tailored services to help improve your search rankings. There are different ways with which social media affects SEO. Sharing something on the social media is bound to increase its visibility. With the visibility increased, content creators such as bloggers, authors and journalists have higher chances of noticing it. If the creator of the content sees that whatever had been shared earlier on is worth sharing, the creator may mention it in ensuing contents. The page from which they got it is therefore likely to rank high on search engines if they had linked it. This however improves ranking only when the content creator finds what was shared useful and therefore linked to it.

Intelligent Evolution has all it takes to create content that will definitely attract the attention of content makers. To increase your search ranking, it is important to create a good relationship with content creators. This can be done by specifically sharing content with them. It is generally about developing a good PR. Some of the content creators that we will help you build a rapport include blog editors and bloggers, podcasters, journalists, event producers as well as academic researchers. The aim of building a relationship with content creators is to help you get the benefit of ranking. Amplification of impression is done by social influencers.

Intelligent Evolution knows how to keep visitors glued to your content. The formatting matters quite a lot. Using internal linking, bullets sub headers and such like things make your content a little more attractive. You should also incorporate videos, photos and other forms of attractive stuff on your content. You should also spark conversations by asking question for asking for reviews.

Social Media Plan

Social media may be very useful marketing strategy. It however requires that you develop a social media plan to have it work out efficiently. A social media plan is what you hope to do and what you look forward to achieve using the social media platform. The plan guides you on what to do. You should also incorporate your current status in the plan so that you know from where to work. Intelligent Evolution will come up with a social media plan that will be of great guidance to you in your endeavors.

In creating the plan, after coming up with the set objectives, you should carry out an audit on how your social media has been facilitating whatever you are doing. This incorporates figuring out who has been linking you via the SM. It is also important to know what social media your target group uses.

After knowing the status of your social media account, it is time to take it to the next level, you can start posting and sharing your content. It is important that once in a while, you spy on your major competitors to know how they are doing it. Intelligent Evolution will help you create this plan and conduct all the necessary research. We will help you establish objectives and goals so that you know from where you are working and to where you are headed.

Creating and Designing Social Media Accounts to Match Website Brand

There are several social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google+ and Instagram among others. To get more traffic to your account, the way you make it matter quite a lot. This is why we at Intelligent Evolution we see to it that we design the account so that it extends the recognition of your brand. We create complementary covers and files ensuring that your logo is kept in place. We create logos that are consistent throughout the account to avoid giving it the sloppy look.

We also know what fonts and colors to choose for your account. This is very important as it tells the audience more about what you offer. The fonts that we choose for you range from bold, thin to loud. We also help you pick font colors. Images are also a great part of a successful social media account. We will help you pick up the photos to don your account and make it more interesting.

Posting to the Social Media for the Client

Creating an account is just the tip of the iceberg. After the creation, you must ensure that you keep it as interesting and engaging as possible. Intelligent Evolution has all the necessary skill and facilities to manage your social media account. We will ensure that we frequently update and share everything that is necessary.

Whenever there is a new service that you are offering, it should be shared on the account immediately. We will manage your account in every aspect including changing images and photos that were posted earlier on. There are instances in which you may need to change the font sizes and colors. There are also situations which may lead to change of the logo his should be immediately relayed to the social media account.

With the social media services of Intelligent Evolution, you can rest assured that your social media accounts will be managed well to satisfy your every need and publicize your services.

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