If your small business is thinking about a new website, make sure Responsive Design is built in for best results. Responsive web design refers to design elements that work equally well on any device.

Whether you are using a website from a laptop or looking up information from your cell phone, a website needs to look good and function well.

Responsive design could have made a difference if you’ve tried to look up something on your phone and accessed a website that was frustrating to use. Common errors include the following:

  • Unreadable type
  • Buttons that do not function or are hard to read
  • Photos that are too large or impossibly tiny
  • Website elements covering important content
  • Contact forms that aren’t working as expected
  • Videos that won’t play with sound
  • Website that take far too long to load

When a website is built with mobile in mind, it can have many benefits. Here’s what small businesses should know before they pull the trigger on their next website.

1. Responsive Designed Websites Optimize User Experiences

Paying attention to and optimizing the user experience is crucial to having a top-notch website. No matter your screen size and resolution, a responsive website will enable all users to access the content and be able to navigate your website easily.

We built websites using responsive web design best practices from the beginning, so your small business has a website that performs no matter what. Most people in the world are accessing the internet using the mobile device at least some of the time. If you can book a meeting, sell a product, or gather a lead online from your desktop, the same functionality needs to work on mobile, too.

2. A Well-Designed Website Factors Into How Google Ranks Your Site

Google will rank your website more highly if it is organized well and optimized for mobile. Many factors go into technical Search Engine Optimization strategies, so we advise not going it alone. A web design partner who is skilled in how responsive-designed websites should be set up can save you a bundle in the long-run. Too many times we see small businesses in the Washington, DC, Metro Area that come to us with a website that loads slowly or is not optimized for mobile.

Technical problems like these are hard to overcome, even if you have really exceptional content and a loyal fan base.

3. Ranking on Search Engine Results Pages

Ranking on Search Engine Results Pages is key to being found online when potential customers and clients are looking for the products or services you offer. If they can’t find you organically, then there is room for improvement. No one wants the website they have worked so hard for to be invisible — showing up on any page past the first one.

A steady course of content can also improve your website’s ranking. The content has to be good (not spammy). A good rule of thumb is to provide content that shows your expertise and your customers will find valuable. Give advice, share your perspective, and earn the trust of prospective customers as well as ones who already are your biggest fans.

Then, you can optimize your content so it is more likely to be flagged as valuable by search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing. If you don’t have time, hiring a writing partner who knows what they are doing can help get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Need A Website That Works On Mobile?

Eliminate website design surprises by insisting on a new small business website that incorporates responsive web design from the beginning. Find out why small businesses and local Alexandria, Virginia-based entrepreneurs choose Intelligent Evolution Inc. as their web design partner. Whether your project is large or small, our expert team will work with you individually on a solution that will elevate your digital presence and meet your organization’s most pressing goals. Contact us and set up an appointment to start a conversation today.