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As a small business owner are you looking for solutions to your IT needs? If yes, then Intelligent Evolution is the perfect destination for you. We provide a one stop solution for all your IT and computer support needs. Located in Alexandria, VA, we offer an array of services to all our clients. Be it just one service or a whole suit of IT services and maintenance, we are always there to help you. From network support for small business and associations to web design, SEO service and voice service (VOIP), we have it all covered. When it comes to computer support, IT needs and network support, we make it easy to choose the best support solutions to suit your needs.

If you are looking for network support and installations, internet selection, backup services or computer maintenance and support; then look no further because we can help. Contact Intelligent Evolution to see how we can help support your desktop, laptops, servers, and networks. We provide fast, reliable and affordable business solutions. As an IT solution provider we keep your network and business running smoothly. Each of our solutions is designed to prevent problems, improve efficiency and give unmatched quality assurance. Hence we help all small business owners and associations with levels of IT support.

Our aim is to create personal relations with all our clients. Since we do not compromise on quality and excellence, all our professionals are well trained, experienced, dynamic, customer and result oriented IT professionals. We are a team of website designers, SEO specialists, project managers and developers who take pride in offering the best and the most affordable IT solutions for your business needs. Unlike other IT consultancy services, we do not offer expensive and unreliable services. Where other IT service providers have fallen by the wayside, we’ve created trusted client relationships.
Small business owners often lack the time, skill set and efficiency to manage their IT needs by themselves. Moreover they do not have the budget or the resources to hire a full term staff to help with their IT needs. Hence Intelligent Evolution is here to help all the small business and association with their computer and IT needs. We provide the best network support for small business and associations. We offer a plethora of networking and computer backup services:

  • Computer maintenance and support.
  • Internet selection consulting and network support.
  • Remote managed service.
  • Server Virtualization.
  • Internet Security solutions.
  • Data Backup and disaster recovery and backup services.
  • Web hosting and email accounts.
  • Microsoft Exchange Services.
  • Office Relocation and Setup.

Unlike other IT solution providers we will not confuse you with difficult jargons and complicated concepts. Whatever solutions we offer, we try to ensure that our clients are completely aware of them. Like what is ‘server virtualization’? It is the concept of converting a physical server into several virtual machines, where each one of them acts like an independent server operating on their own. It helps to conserve space and provide a way for companies to practice redundancy without purchasing additional hardware.

Likewise you must also be aware of ‘Microsoft exchange and share point service’. While implementing such exchange service you must make sure that the service is reliable, provide standby engineers in case the server goes down and the service lends full benefits of exchange. With our service even if one server or disk drive stops working, your email keeps working.

Along with providing the best IT services we also provide the best backup services as well. We offer an effective backup service so that you can store all your data and information, and most importantly can retrieve them with ease, whenever you desire. Backup and disaster recovery is one of the most important aspects that protect your business.

We will also guide and help you in purchasing new computers, their set up, installations and maintenance. Many-a-times your business need relocation. In such situations also we come to your help. We support relocation and setup. If you are moving your business then we will help you in relocating your computers, servers and other peripherals. Thus whatever maybe the problem or in whichever situation you are Intelligent Evolution will always be there for all your IT and computer needs.

Hence from web design to network support for small business and associations, we always deliver faster, reliable and affordable solutions. Our aim is to develop true and effective partnership with all our clients and deliver solutions above and beyond their expectations. Till date all our clients have been highly satisfied with our service and we hope that we will always live up to their expectations. We always provide scalable and tailor made solutions perfectly suited for your business needs. Hence leave your IT department in our hands and we assure you peace of mind through our expertise, comprehensive resources and unmatched services.

Computer Running Slow?

There are many reason why your computer could be running slowly...

Slow Computers Waste Staff Time

Let our staff speed up your computer, so you can speed up productivity.


Are you getting lots of pop-ups? Computer Hijacked?

Don't use freeware!

Using a good antivirus program to remove unwanted viruses and malware is key.  Need help give us a call.

Computer Crashed?

Getting the dreaded blue screen showing up...

Don't Panic, we can fix that!

The dreaded blue screen of death can often be an easy fix. The next time you get it, write down any error information and give us a call.

Computer Backup Service

Don't wait until it's to late to backup your computer.

Make sure your protected

Need help setting up a backup system for your operating system, documents, and pictures. Call us! 

Additional Services We Offer

We provide various services to help your business succeed!

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